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The 2-Day Sales and Leadership Event is a life-changing weekend designed for any one that is seeking to increase their success and improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

The economy is posing challenges for many people with taxes going up, inflation going up and income going down. You can accept this as a reason to expect less in your life for the next few years, or, you can choose to make money no matter what economy you're currently in. Only the people with the right skills will be able to truly succeed in our current economic environment.

If you want to be one of those that make it and generate more sales and more income in the next 3 months than you have in the past year – attend an upcoming 2-day Sales and Leadership event. Here, you'll learn the #1 skill for sales, business and financial success.

Dr. Edward

DRE will personally coach and drill you on critical sales and leadership skills, including the biggest skill of all… overcoming your own "Fear Voice." You know the one, it just said, "What 'Fear Voice'?" It's the voice that stops you from pursuing your goals and dreams with self doubting and self critical thoughts. By the time you leave this event, you'll have a renewed self confidence and attitude that gives you the courage and perseverance it takes to pursue and achieve your goals and dreams.

You'll also learn:

  • How to build and lead a championship team that sets you up for big financial wins
  • How to build systems and an asset based business that builds passive income and gives you the freedom to come and go as you please
  • Tools to hold yourself and your team accountable to achieve the results and lifestyle you desire

This is unlike any training you have ever experienced in your life! Using one-on-one coaching, drilling and powerful experiential exercises, the tools and skills you'll learn will stay with you so you can apply them for immediate and life changing results.

What if you could suddenly find the passion and courage you once had? What if you once again believed that your dreams and goals were reachable? Would your life be drastically better?

Attend this 2-Day Sales and Leadership event. Don't become a casualty of our economic times. Take control of your destiny by arming yourself with the skills and knowledge that will direct you to the life of your dreams! Click here to get started now!