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Increase 2 x Sales 3 x Profit

In order to become more productive & competitive, you must adopt a positive mindset and attitude. This will prolong your survival in the sales line and allow excellent performance in your sales career. Here are some questions to consider:
• How to go about prospecting in the right manner?
• How to propose sales?
• How to convince your prospect to take up your recommendations and suggestions?
• How to start the conversation?
• How to explain the benefits to your prospect, in order to stimulate their buying urge to grab your item and service?

• How to detect your prospects’ desires and motives when they are looking at your product and services?
• How to understand human behavior and stimulate the human buying motive?
• How to take decipher your prospect’s body language and use it to your advantage?
• How to hit the sales target easily in 3 months time and earn the handsome income you’ve always dreamed of?
• How to stay positive & motivated in a negative environment with negative influences?
• How to handle objections and multiple rejections?
• How much do you know about sales techniques, as well as applying them at the right time?
• How much do you know about basic selling skills, which enable you to compete with other players in the market?
• What are the elements and basic skills that are critical to all greenhorns and new guys who just join the sales industries?
• How to adjust your mindset to suits the sales career?
• How to avoid silly and common mistake that costs you big time and money?
• Why the people who have “No dreams” and who are unable to dream big in sales industries hardly make it?
• Why sales people who are immoral in mindset can’t survive in the long run?
• Why understanding your prospects’ characters and personality helps you close deals?
• Why silly mistakes that are often made become costly?
• Why human behavior is related to buying behavior?
• Why there is no one fixed method that applies to all prospects?
• What is the mindset and attitude you need to know and master that enables you to survive in the competitive market?
• What are the elements you need to master in order to stay in the long run and perform well?
• What are the factors and elements that influence your life in sales?

You are a greenhorn in sales and have no knowledge about effective sales

You are an experienced salespersonand have achieved excellent sales
performance, but would still like to learn more useful and valuable techniques
on selling.

You want to break your sales bottleneck and achieve results that you
would never have imagined
• Your boss is breathing down your neck because of poor sales performance.
• You want to earn more than you expected to.
• Your boss or manager has very little time to monitor you in the initial stage in sales
• You have already suffered and struggled a lot in your sales career and performed badly
• You lost your self-esteem in front the new guy that performs better than you
• You can’t figure what had gone wrong that caused bad performance in sales?
• You worry how you will be able to generate sales in coming months and have better income
• You are not motivated at all to keep on generating sales
• Your methods learnt are unable to drive you to perform well
• You believe what you didn’t master really caused your losses
• You spend much more time than you expected and earn less than what you imagined
• You are lost and feel like finding an easier job

How do you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes that many salespeople are guilty of? Identify your prospects’ behaviors and make the necessary changes to your sales techniques. Are you aware of human behavior when meeting your prospects? Do you really know how to satisfy them when proposing your product or service to them? Refusing to acknowledge your responsibilities and roles is often the cause of job-hopping.In order to become more productive, one needs to know:

• Are you sure you know what your competitor knows?
• Are your skills and mindset compatible to the competitive market?
• Do you realize your market share will get smaller day by day when you stop to learn and upgrade?
• Why allow yourself to keep on suffering and struggling in doing sales and selling?
• Are you aware of how much time and money you have wasted which could have instead become profit?
• Do you abuse the trust placed in you by others?
• Should ethics be important to a sales person and business entrepreneur?
• Do you choose the ethical path or the immoral path?

Many salespeople are not mentally prepared and fully dedicated to their careers. They tend to pick up skills from their seniors and management, which may include mistakes as well. There are many instances whereby mistakes made by the management or managers are passed down from one generation to another in the form of a negative chain effect. Pessimistic mindsets and attitudes will affect the companies’ newcomers and influence them for life, indirectly influencing future generations of the sales team and sales person. According to research, one’s mindset is a stronger factor influencing his sales performance than his selling skills. Of course, proper selling skills and techniques are basic requirements to good sales performance.

You want to learn the art of selling even though you are not in the sales industry. Remember! The Sales skills and selling techniques do not merely allow you to sell tangible products. You can apply these techniques to sell ideas, and even yourself, to superiors and potential employers! Actually most people, at some point or another, have been involved in selling; only that sometimes they do not realize it. Do you want to help someone triple his sales performance in just one month by applying real-life sales techniques and skills practiced by professionals?

Possessing The Right Sales Mindset

One of the golden rules in selling is to have the right sales mindset. Without the proper sales mindset, possessing real-life sales techniques, skills and knowledge is not sufficient for you to do well in your sales career. It is important that you have the right mindset in addition to the sales techniques, skills and knowledge, so as to enable you to perform well in the long run.

So, what exactly is the right sales mindset? A salesperson with the right mindset is responsible to his job and is both mentally and physically prepared to deal with multiple rejections from prospects. With this way of thinking, one can easily obtain high sales results. Being ignorant of the right sales mindset and attitude will cause you to struggle in selling and get demoralized. You may make unnecessary and expensive mistakes that waste your resources, affecting your sales performance. Imagine planning to turn left at the road junction, but ending up turning right due to the inability to coordinate your hand and your mind. Eventually, your car may even collide with other vehicles at the junction. Learn how to apply your mindset in your actions; always stick to it to do your task well.

Without a strong understanding of the above three aspects prospecting, proposing and rejection handling, the closing stage will be a tedious and struggling. Many sales people are only too eager to master the closing stage that they overlook the other three aspects. This is an improper mindset in sales, as the other three stages are equally as important as the closing stage.

The understanding of body languages and human behaviors will assist and essential to a sales person, especially essential in closing a deal. Learning the body languages take time and experienced to go through. You may shorten the time by experiencing it and learning from someone who knows the tricks of body and eye movements.

Being a salesperson or business person, is a very interesting job because you can meet diverse people in different environments. You also have to deal with various requests from differences prospects. However, you will face difficulties if you do not know the rules played, do not have the skills and mindset, have not identified the role that you are playing and the
behaviors and thoughts of your prospects. Knowledge of all the above is necessary to ensure good sales.

The less you know, the more likely you are to:

1. Close very little or no sales at all.
2. Get multiple rejections from prospects, causing you to feel demoralized and pessimistic.
3. Waste time and money due to a lack of sales skills and an uncompetitive mindset.
4. Fear Mondays, as you no longer feel confident or motivated to sell your products.
5. Accumulate stress that eventually results in a mental breakdown.
6. Search for a new sales job. In fact, there is no job involving easy-selling products.
Every salesperson is required to have some sales knowledge and skills in order to persuade his prospects to buy his products. The only easy sales job is to simply display the products on the shelf, allowing prospects to choose for themselves. Such jobs usually do not require much selling skills and the salesperson normally earns very little income from selling such products.
7. Have poor time management.
8. Feel miserable when doing sales, struggling to have consistent sales results.
9. Lose interest in sales and end up with multiple part-time jobs.
10.Be recruited into your prospects’ businesses, becoming the bait for their businesses instead.
11. Be demoralized at all times in a negative environment with all the negative influences.
12.Get disinterested in sales and start to look for something else that does not pose challenges, but provides a stable income by doing the same routine everyday.
13.Be unable to stay competitive in long run before the crisis approaches.
14.Blindly stay in the sales line without knowing why you are there.
15. Lose a lot time and money for all the mistakes that you made which you are not aware of.
16.Risk getting fired due to non-performance.
17.Receive criticism about your ability and performance in the sales industries.
18.Do unnecessary double work to get the same results which others got with half the work.
19.See your competitors cover more market share than you expected.
20.Get pressured by your boss for better results that constantly stresses you and makes you
fear that you will not be able to make it.

Are you experiencing more than one of the factors mentioned above? Do something to change your life! If you are not going to change it, no one can help you. If you really want to put a stop to the sufferings and struggles you have faced in selling, you should try my guaranteed solution.