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One of the most talked about trainings in network marketing! In this explosive training series, Dato' Seri Dr.Edward unveils his winning strategies into your business.

This a comprehensive and easy-to -use guide that provides you with the essential tools and knowledge to build an extensive network, how to prospect and recruit new distributors and ultimately leadership strategies that build depth and create residual, "walkaway" income for you. More importantly, you will discover how to create this income in a duplicable way that allows your people to model your success. This is the "textbook" for building a solid team of networkers with residual income security and may have the Answer you need for these Questions...

  • Why networking is the most effective marketing tool today
  • How you can build a successful networking lifestyle through effective communication, long-term partnership, and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Conduct compelling home meetings
  • Give effective hotel presentations
  • Use the Internet to grow faster
  • How the world's best networkers leverage and maintain their Networks
  • Develop and duplicate leaders in your group
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Life doesn’t have to be so hard…
Is success just slipping through your fingers?Is your goal weight, dream job, personal fulfillment and even love simply slipping through your fingers … day-after-day,
month-after-month and year-after-year? Don’t wait … Once inside you’ll discover:
How to “catch” and hold onto your goals and dreams!
The one simple thing you need to do every day to ensure your success

The one ingredient (that most people forget) that is absolutely essential to ensuring your goals and dreams become a reality
How to completely avoid roller coaster bank accounts and other annoying ups-and-downs

for good!
How to get results that STICK!