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Courses 1 YEAR

Are You NOW Ready to Start The Year Fast?

You are now less than one minute away from implementing the most extreme performance acceleration program on earth WITHOUT costing you a fortune to get it.

The 90 Day Challenge is an ultra-powerful, proven formula for achieving all of your goals faster and easier than you previously thought imaginable.

Individually, the elements of the program are practically priceless. And you get all of them – for the ridiculously low investment of just RM$1.00 per day.
But you have to act fast to get in on this special offer...because the doors close VERY soon.

Here’s What You Get!

Once you begin the 90 Day Challenge, you’ll have immediate access to the following world-class resources all designed to turn you into an unstoppable powerhouse!

10 Minutes a Day To Personal Freedom

The best part of the 90 Day Challenge? You don’t have to devote 12 hours day, or 4 hours, or even just 1 hour. If you are willing to set aside just 10 minutes a day you could make all your dreams come true.

It may seem like not enough, but I learned over the years that while working hard is admirable, it’s much better to work smarter.

Join the tens of thousands of others who have reached their Sales goals—both large and small—with the world’s most powerful and proven Sales goal-achieving system!

Course outline:


In this breakthrough audio series, Edward will empower and energize you with his wealth of insight, rapid fire delivery and compelling content that brings an in-depth look at what it really takes to win in the game of life.

Power 2 Believe focuses on:

  • The major pieces to the life puzzle
  • The power of personal development
  • The fundamentals for prosperity and success
  • How to win the battle of the mind
  • The power of changing your attitude
  • The day that turns your life around

Course 2 : Kuasa Keyakinan Diri

Ia mengandungi rahsia untuk mengembalikan keyakinan diri yang belum pernah didedahkan selama ini. Di dalamnya terkandung teknik-teknik sulit yang digunakan oleh pakar-pakar motivasi dan individu-individu berjaya.
Anda akan mempelajari:

  • Rahsia #1 yang digunakan oleh pengamal program motivasi untuk menanamkan keyakinan dalam diri.
  • Bagaimana anda boleh menilai tahap keyakinan anda dalam masa 3 minit dan melakukan perubahan penting dalam diri untuk meningkatkan keyakinan?
  • 5 teknik pantas untuk membina keyakinan dengan cara malas. (memang berkesan
  • Panduan motivasi yang jarang didengar untuk digunakan sebagai senarai semak diri.
  • Bagaimana untuk menyingkirkan rasa tidak yakin dalam diri apabila menghadapi kesukaran dan kepayahan yang dialami?
  • Bagaimana untuk membuatkan orang lain hormat kepada anda?
  • Formula ‘magik’ untuk membuang perasaan takut yang tidak bertempat dan membina gaya kepimpinan.
  • Bagaimana anda boleh menyuntik semangat dan keyakinan untuk membuatkan orang lain tertarik dan suka kepada anda tanpa perlu ilmu guna-guna (karisma)?

Dan banyak lagi…


One of the most talked about trainings in network marketing! In this explosive training series, Edward unveils his winning strategies into your business.

This a comprehensive and easy-to -use guide that provides you with the essential tools and knowledge to build an extensive network, how to prospect and recruit new distributors and ultimately leadership strategies that build depth and create residual, "walkaway" income for you. More importantly, you will discover how to create this income in a duplicable way that allows your people to model your success. This is the "textbook" for building a solid team of networkers with residual income security and may have the Answer you need for these Questions...

  • Why networking is the most effective marketing tool today
  • How you can build a successful networking lifestyle through effective communication, long-term partnership, and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Conduct compelling home meetings
  • Give effective hotel presentations
  • Use the Internet to grow faster
  • How the world's best networkers leverage and maintain their Networks
  • Develop and duplicate leaders in your group

Course 4 : Resipi Kejayaan Network Marketing

Salah satu latihan yang paling mantap dalam Network Marketing! Dalam siri latihan yang meletup ini, Dr Edward akan memperkenalkan strategi terunggul untuk membawa kemenangan dalam perniagaan anda.

Ini adalah panduan komprehensif dan mudah guna yang memberi anda semua peralatan penting dan juga pengetahuan untuk membina rangkaian yang luas, bagaimana untuk prospek dan merekrut pengedar baru dan strategi kepimpinan terunggul membina rangkaian yang cukup dalam dan mewujudkan pendapatan residual lumayan untuk anda. Lebih penting, anda akan mengetahui bagaimana untuk mencipta pendapatan ini cara duplikasi untuk distributor anda dijadikan model kejayaan. Ini adalah "buku teks" untuk membina satu pasukan yang kukuh dengan pendapatan residual jangkamasa panjang dan mungkin mempunyai Jawapan yang anda perlukan bagi Soalan ...

  • Mengapa networking adalah alat pemasaran yang paling berkesan
  • Bagaimana anda boleh membina gaya hidup networking yang berjaya melalui komunikasi berkesan, kerja secara berpasukan jangka panjang, dan cara pemasaran word-of-mouth.
  • Menjalankan mesyuarat rumah yang berkesan
  • Beri taklimat hotel yang mantap
  • Gunakan Internet untuk berkembang dengan lebih pesat
  • Bagaimana networkers terbaik di dunia menafaatkan dan mengekalkan Rangkaian mereka
  • Membangun dan menduplikasikan pemimpin dalam kumpulan anda


Tired of being a good distributor? Are you ready to become a great distributor with a large business that grows without you? Interested in redesigning your business, creating unshakable belief, and dramatically increasing the size of your paycheck?

  • Become a well rounded top income earner in your company.
  • Better train and motivate others to success.
  • Uncover the true secrets to success (the stuff that no one talks about).
  • Create a 'no-fear' approach to your business in all areas.
  • Dramatically increase your closing rate.
  • The ground-work to build the business of your dreams.
  • Redesign your business, identify what is holding you back and break free

Course 6 : Mengubah Pendapatan Tahunan Anda Ke Pendapatan Bulanan

Anda sudah Bosan menjadi pengedar yang baik? Anda sudah bersedia untuk menjadi pengedar hebat dengan perniagaan besar yang terus bertumbuh tanpa anda? Adakah anda berminat untuk memberi perniagaan anda rekabentuk baru, mewujudkan kepercayaan yang tidak digugat dan meningkatkan gaji anda dengan dramatik?

  • Mempunyai pendapatan hebat di syarikat anda.
  • Lebih terlatih dan lebih kuasa motivasi untuk menggalakkan orang lain supaya lebih berjaya.
  • Membongkar rahsia kejayaan sebenar (topik yang tidak dibincang oleh sesiapa).
  • Mewujudkan pendekatan 'tidak takut' dalam semua bidang perniagaan anda.
  • Meningkatkan kadar penutupan anda dengan dramatik.
  • Asas untuk membina perniagaan impian anda.
  • Memberi rekabentuk baru dalam perniagaan anda, mengenal pasti apa yang halangan anda dan berjaya.

Course 7 : Wang dan Anda

Wang itu masa dan masa itu wang. Wang bukannya kesemua jawapan kepada kebahagian hidup tetapi tanpa wang, kehidupan kita akan sengsara. Kursus ini akan membuat kita menyedari kepentingan wang dan apa yang kita boleh buat untuk mencari wang secukupnya untuk menyara hidup kita.

Course 8 : Business writing

Writing is a key method of communication for most people, and it's one that many people struggle with. Writing and communication skills have degraded with more and more people communicating through email and text messaging. Developing writing skills is still important is the business world as creating proper documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas), giving you that extra edge in the workplace.

Learn quickly and easily how to create a business letter format. Using a business letter format in your business communications conveys a sense of professionalism.

A list of business letter samples and tips to help you write effective business cover letters, new customer welcome letters, collection letters, business proposals and sales letters.

Course 9 : Marketing

Marketing is the way companies interact with consumers to create relationships that are beneficial to both parties. Businesses use marketing to identify their audience before pursuing the target market. Marketing might sometimes be interpreted as the art of selling products, but selling is only a small fraction of marketing. Learn indepth about key to a successful marketing campaign and its impact on sales for a sustainable business model.

Course 10 : Business Speaking

Careers are often enhanced, or blunted, in business meetings. Do you sound like someone on his way up -- or on his way out?

How you come across as a meeting participant can be pivotal. The skills involved in getting your point across are not vastly different than those of a keynote speaker giving a speech to a meeting group.

If you've got something to say, ideas to share, people to influence, or a customer base to attract, public speaking is an opportunity ripe for the taking. You might have the best products or services and a terrific track record, but if you don't or can't communicate about it with your target audiences, you're limiting your effectiveness. All too often, the very best stories in organizations and companies go untold because of people's reluctance to open their mouth. Here, you will learn the secrets of business speaking, hassle-free.

Course 11 : Selling Secrets during Tough Times

Tough Times can be brought on by any number of factors: a down economy, Mother Nature, shifts in customers' needs, national tragedy--the list goes on and on. These types of changes can be extremely disruptive, even paralyzing, when we're not prepared for them. While many see no other option than to "sit tight" and "ride things out" when crisis strikes, true career professionals in selling understand that the only way to deal with adversity is to meet it head-on.

That's why a positive attitude and a proactive approach to problem-solving are two of the most essential ingredients for success in selling--and why those who embrace them not only to survive but thrive, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Here, Dr Edward, a world reknown selling expert puts his real-world , in-the-trenches experience to work and shares his plan to reverse the momentum of tough times--and even capitalize on them. With exercises to help you discover previously overlooked opportunities and eliminate waste, along with out-of-the-box methods for recruiting new customers and key tips on how to solidify your existing business.

Course 12 : Power to sales closing

Grasp...the secrets that enable the top 20 percent of salespeople to close 80 percent of all sales. Unleash...the power of proven tactics for closing sales that can easily be adapted to your own personality, products, and prospects. Analyze...the nine types of customers so you understand what makes them buy and then craft a sales presentation they can’t resist.

Course 13 : Professional Selling skills

"The most powerful sales training course on the planet?" A bold claim, but the ideas, concepts, and sales training techniques in Professional Selling Skills! are not a repeat of the same old 1960s sales training methods found in other sales books, courses and programs, but rather are new and advanced.

If you want to learn advanced sales training so you'll make maximum sales in minimum time, you are at the right place!
In this course, you will:

  • Boost your sales confidence
  • Close more deals
  • Learn how to keep control of a sales situation
  • Learn how to test the readiness of a prospect to buy
  • Learn how to ask loaded questions
  • Learn how to get a prospect to say little yeses leading up to the big yes
  • Learn what an obligating question is and how and when to use it
  • Learn how to salvage lost sales
  • Learn how to make your prospect want your offer like a baby wants candy
  • Learn how to make lifetime customers
  • Quickly and easily accelerate to the top ranks of your sales team